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Henri Riviere - La Feerie des Heures - Les Derniers Rayons - The Last Rays - detail

The Last Rays


Les Derniers Rayons (original French title) Lithograph printed in color on smooth wove paper.Reference: Fields page 77.Plate 16 from the series of ...

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Maurice Taquoy - Buse Prise au Piege - Trapped Buzzard - feathers - detail

Trapped Buzzard

TAQUOY, Maurice

Buse Prise au Piège (original French title) Aquatint and etching printed in color on wove paper.Edition unknown, but apparently not very large.Like...

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Maurice Taquoy - Chiens d'Arrets - Pointer Dogs - oblong hunting scene - at attention - detail

Pointer Dogs

TAQUOY, Maurice

Chiens d’Arrêt (original French title) Aquatint and soft-ground etching printed in color on wove paper.Likely an edition of 50.The dogs depicted ar...

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Siegfried Berndt - Der Verschneiter Garten - The Snow Garden - 1909 - color woodcut

The Snowy Garden

BERNDT, Siegfried

Der Verschneiter Garten (descriptive German title)  Color woodcut printed on thin Japan laid paper. Edition unknown, but certainly small.  We were ...

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Yannick Ballif - Quatre Iles - Four Islands - orange teal vegetation - leaves

Four Islands

BALLIF, Yannick

Quatre Iles (original French title)Embossed color aquatint and linear scuffing on wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge, as usual.Trial proof, aside...

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George Jo Mess - Handy Pump - intaglio

Handy Pump

MESS, George Jo

Color etching and aquatint on simili-Japan paper. Edition unknown, but likely small. Signed and titled in pencil. 

George Jo Mess - Summer Nocturne - color intaglio

Summer Nocturne

MESS, George Jo

Etching and aquatint printed in blue ink on simili-Japan paper.Edition unknown, but very likely small. This composition seems scarce. Signed and ti...

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Gerald Geerlings - Cathedrale Naturelle - Natural Catherdral - drypoint Czestochowski 10

Natural Cathedral


Cathédrale Naturelle (original French title)Drypoint printed on wove paper, 1929.Reference: Czestochowski 10.Total edition of 37.Annotated in the p...

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Yannick Ballif - Luz do Dia - Daylight - embossed print - color aquatint - drypoint - room with a view - window - detail


BALLIF, Yannick

Luz Do Dia (original Portugese title) Embossed color aquatint and drypoint on wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge, as usual.Edition of 70.Publishe...

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Livio Ceschin - Sul Piave - etching drypoint - Treviso Venice Veneto Alps Adriatic

By the Piave River


Sul Piave (original Italian title) Etching and drypoint on wove paper.Want to see more work by Livio Ceschin?Visit our website dedicated to contem...

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Ella Fillmore Lillie - Happy Days - Lithograph - daughter of artist - Vermont - detail

Happy Days


Lithograph on wove paper, n.d.Edition of 50.Signed and titled in pencil.Bearing “The Shealing – Danby, Vermont” drystamp (as well as an “E.F.L. dry...

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Joseph Hecht - Oceanie - Australia -  engraving - etat state - kangourous


HECHT, Joseph

Pure-line engraving on laid paper. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 162. Unique state proof, before work throughout and before the tota...

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Joseph Hecht - Tigres et Biches -  Tigers and Deer - drypoint engraving

Tigers and Deer

HECHT, Joseph

Tigres et Biches (Original French title) Pure-line engraving on wove Arches paper.Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 118. Edition of 36. ...

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Joseph Hecht - Lion a la Chasse - Lion Hunting - Gazelle - engraving

Lion Hunting

HECHT, Joseph

Lion à la Chasse (Original French title) Pure-line engraving on old laid Made in Italy paper, circa 1924-26. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Pl...

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Joseph Hecht - Pelote Basque - engraving - Euskal pilota - jeu de paume

Pelote Basque

HECHT, Joseph

Pure-line engraving on laid Monval paper, circa 1923-25. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 92. Edition of 35. Signed and numbered “1 = 35...

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Joseph Hecht - Le Peintre - The Painter - drypoint - detail

The Painter

HECHT, Joseph

Le Peintre I (original French title) Drypoint on Montval Hecht laid paper.Ref: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 87.Edition of 35, according to TR-P...

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