Recent Old Stories

Each old work of art has stories to reveal. In addition to esthetics, that is what draws is to art from the past. When I started working for Richard Reed Armstrong Fine Art in 1998 most everything was sold at in-person shows or over the phone. All our sales were predicated on an exchange of stories. Today more than half the sales happen online, without much conversation at all. In an effort to share my side of the story, I have been adding short comments about what I see in a work of art I list online. Increasingly, when you click on an image that intrigues you, you will find at least some context about that particular work. Here are a few such works.

Dream of Worship

Dream of Worship


Droom der Aanbidden (original Dutch title) Etching and aquatint printed on thick tan wove paper.Two states, one without the background of the sun’s...

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Prosper Alphonse Isaac - Coq au Repos -  Mokuchu Urushibara - bois en couleurs - detail

Rooster at Rest

ISAAC, Prosper-Alphonse

Coq au Repos (French title) Color woodcut (woodblock print in Japanese manner, with water-based inks) on thin laid Japan paper, circa 1908-1912.One...

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Prosper Alphonse Isaac - Off to Japan - manner of Japanese woodblock print - circa 1922 - detail Sold
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Off to Japan!

ISAAC, Prosper-Alphonse

Color woodcut (woodblock print in Japanese manner, with water-based inks) on laid Japan paper, 1922 (?).No other impression is known of this print ...

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Eva Auld Watson - Jungle Peace - color woodcut - fine art Christmas greeting card - detail

Jungle Peace

WATSON, Eva Auld

Color woodcut on Japan paper, no date. Edition of 75.Signed, titled and numbered in pencil. The sheet was folded on the left side, on purpose, to b...

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Letterio CALAPAI - 8.30 Express - Woodcut on thin laid paper - detail

8:30 Express

CALAPAI, Letterio

Woodcut on thin laid paper, 1943-44. Trial proof, aside from an edition of 27. It’s rush hour and a sea of people is holding on for dear life as th...

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Henry Chapront - L'Alsace 1st State - detail

The Alsace


L’Alsace… (original French title) Aquatint printed in blue ink, with a touch of red in the cockade on simili-Japan paper, April 1916. One of 8 impr...

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Reimer Riediger - Neumuhlen or Neumuehlen - color etching and aquating - Hamburg - 1987 - detail



Color aquatint and etching on wove paper, 1987.Edition of 95. Neumühlen is a strip of land along the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany which was once ...

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Lillian SCALZO - Halted - Woodcut printed on very thin Japan paper - football scrimmage Sold
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SCALZO, Lillian

Woodcut printed on very thin Japan paper, no date.  There is no stated edition, and this print may very well be a unique impression.  Signed and ti...

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Maurice LANGASKENS - Un Conte de Noël - A Christmas Tale - Color etching and aquatint detail Sold
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A Christmas Tale


Un Conte de Noël (original French title) Color etching and aquatint on wove paper, no date. An artist’s proof. Edition unknown. Cautiously a man le...

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Alexis Merodack-Jeaneau - Hospitalite au Nuit - Nighttime Hospitality - detail

Nighttime Hospitality


Hospitalité de Nuit (original French title)  Lithograph on tan wove paper, no date. Edition unknown, but certainly very small, if any at all was ev...

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Salvatore Pinto - Ballerina - dancer seated - wood engraving - detail


PINTO, Salvatore

Wood engraving on laid japon volant paper. Edition unknown. Scarce. Pinto depicted ballerinas both in print and in painting. They usually do not re...

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Jacques Villon - Femmes d’Ouessant - Women from Ushant - detail

Women from Ushant

VILLON, Jacques

Femmes d’Ouessant (original French title)  Aquatint with touches of drypoint printed in color à la poupée on simili-japon paper. Reference: Gineste...

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Bernard Boutet de Monvel - La Vieille - detail

The Old Woman


La Vieille (original French titles) Color aquatint and soft-ground etching on thick wove paper.Ref: BN-IFF 4-5; not in Addade.Edition of 50, quite ...

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Shirley RUSSELL - Hibiscus - Color woodcut


RUSSELL, Shirley

Color woodcut or woodblock print on Japan laid paper, no date. There seems to be no stated edition for this print. Likely from a small group of col...

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Charles TURZAK - The Question - Woodcut

The Question

TURZAK, Charles

Woodcut printed in black ink on thin laid Japanese paper, 1934 or 1935. From a series of 10 woodcuts titled A History of Illinois in Woodcuts. Edit...

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