El Garron


Drawing in conté-crayon, pencil, on thick card stock.
Likely a project for a poster or an advertisement, for a famous venue in Paris. El Garron, which had taken over another establishment named Princess’s, was a restaurant with live music and dancing. It had taken over the space, 6 rue Fontaine, near Place Pigalle and Place Blanche (near Montmartre). The venue used to be a theater named Théatre des Deux Masques, which then became the Palermo, before becoming El Garron. It became famous for jazz as well as tango. The building to this day remains a dance club. 
With the text “El GARRON – Ex Princess’s - Restaurant Soupers”, and signed twice in the image. 

This fun composition brings together in one image what Belle Epoque Paris was known for: champagne, restaurants serving food so good it made you fat, nude revue, live music (notice the small banjo player in the bottom left corner?)...

11 x 8 1/2 inches