Paul Bellugue (1892-1955) was a professor of artistic anatomy and morphology a the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris.  The concepts he passes on to generations of artists were gathered from two medical professionals who had also perfected the art of drawing human forms, Paul Richer and Henry Meige.  His classes were published posthumously by his wife.  During his lifetime, beyond teaching, he also illustrated some books and provided drawings for magazines.  Original drawings by the artist are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

Paul Bellugue - El Garron - Restaurant Soupers - Theatre des Deux Masques - Palermo - detail Sold
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El Garron


Drawing in conté-crayon, pencil, on thick card stock.Likely a project for a poster or an advertisement, for a famous venue in Paris. El Garron, whi...

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