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Helene_Bautista_-_Dans_les_Nuages_-_In_the_Clouds - color linocut - cable car gondola

In the Clouds

Bautista, Helene

Dans les Nuages (original French title) Color linocut printed on wove paper. Want to see more work by Hélène Bautista?Visit our website dedicated ...

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John Cline - Untitled 31 - 2017 - pencil and watercolor

Untitled 31

CLINE, John W.

Watercolor and pencil on wove paper. Want to see more work by John W. Cline?Visit our website dedicated to contemporary prints, Mesh Art Gallery.

Georges Schreiber - Loggers at Sunrise - Associated American Artists - Lithograph - detail

Loggers at Sunrise


Georges SCHREIBER (1904-1977) Lithograph on wove paper.Edition of 250.Published by Associated American Artists.Signed in pencil.

Ella Fillmore Lillie - Happy Days - Lithograph - daughter of artist - Vermont - detail

Happy Days


Lithograph on wove paper, n.d.Edition of 50.Signed and titled in pencil.Bearing “The Shealing – Danby, Vermont” drystamp (as well as an “E.F.L. dry...

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Jacques Villon - Le Chef d'Oeuvre - Masterpiece - Mother holding daughter drawing - Belle Epoque - detail

The Masterpiece

VILLON, Jacques

Le Chef d’Oeuvre (original French title) Drypoint, aquatint and roulette printed in four colors, à la poupée (yet from two registered plates) on wo...

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Joseph Hecht - Jeune Buse - Young Buzzard - Raptor - bird of prey - pure line engraving - verdatre

Young Buzzard

HECHT, Joseph

Jeune Buse (original French title) Pure-line engraving on laid Monval papier verdâtre (light-blue / green tinted paper). Reference: Tonneau-Ryckely...

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Joseph Hecht - Cerfs Indochinois I - Vietnam Deer - pure line engraving

Vietnamese Deer

HECHT, Joseph

Cerfs Indochinois I (Original French title)Pure-line engraving on wove Arches paper. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 370. From a total...

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Victor Delhez - Singes - Monkeys - baboon - woodcut


DELHEZ, Victor

Apen (original Dutch title) Woodcut on smooth wove paper. As published in the loose-sheet portfolio titled 15 Houtsneden door Victor Delhez. From ...

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Victor Delhez - Troupeau de Mouton - Sheet Herd - woodcut


DELHEZ, Victor

Schapen (original Dutch title) Woodcut on wove paper. As published in the loose-sheet portfolio titled 15 Houtsneden door Victor Delhez. From a sta...

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Joseph Hecht - Oceanie - Australia -  engraving - etat state - kangourous


HECHT, Joseph

Pure-line engraving on laid paper. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 162. Unique state proof, before work throughout and before the tota...

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Joseph Hecht - Tigres et Biches -  Tigers and Deer - drypoint engraving

Tigers and Deer

HECHT, Joseph

Tigres et Biches (Original French title) Pure-line engraving on wove Arches paper.Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 118. Edition of 36. ...

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Joseph Hecht - Vendange - Grape Harvest - nude - wine - pure line engraving


HECHT, Joseph

Vendange (Original French Title) Pure-line engraving on thin laid paper, 1925. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 115. From the only editi...

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Joseph Hecht - Lion a la Chasse - Lion Hunting - Gazelle - engraving

Lion Hunting

HECHT, Joseph

Lion à la Chasse (Original French title) Pure-line engraving on old laid Made in Italy paper, circa 1924-26. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Pl...

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Joseph Hecht - Pelote Basque - engraving - Euskal pilota - jeu de paume

Pelote Basque

HECHT, Joseph

Pure-line engraving on laid Monval paper, circa 1923-25. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 92. Edition of 35. Signed and numbered “1 = 35...

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Mickey Myers - Lamoille 96 - Hyde Park Vermont - color monotype - Madison Print Club

Lamoille #96

MYERS, Mickey

Mickey MYERS Lamoille #96 Oil stick monotype with pastel on wove paper, 2010.From a series of 140 monotypes, 120 of which went to members of the Ma...

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Martin Levine - Madison and 50th - New York City - etching and aquatint

Madison & 50th

LEVINE, Martin

Martin LEVINE (Born 1945) Etching and aquatint printed on Hahnemühle Copperplate Bright White wove paper.Edition of 120, published by the Madison P...

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Leo Frank - color woodcut- art - artist - Hans Frank - color woodcut - Holzschnitt

Sea Eagle


Seeadler (original German title) Color woodcut on thin japon paper, circa 1920.Edition unknown, but likely small.Signed in pencil. Note that the sl...

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Edgar Chahine drypoint - Armenian - Armenien

The Italian Woman


Edgar CHAHINE (1874-1947) L’Italienne or Portrait de Madame B. (original French titles) Drypoint and direct bite on Arches laid paper.Reference: Ta...

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