Joseph HECHT

One could argue that Joseph Hecht (1891-1951) had a one track mind, depicting only animals, and almost exclusively in burin (pure-line engraving) or drypoint.  But what an eye and a talent he had in this particular specialty.  Born in Poland, he arrived in Paris after World War I, by way of Norway.  It seemed his sense of simplicity was honed there and Hecht is renowned today for his ability to pare down his subject to its essence.  It seems Hecht never traveled much and drew most of his animals in captivity; in particular at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.  He left behind over 400 prints, elegant depictions of the beautiful felines, birds and assorted deer or goats, in simple black line on beautiful sheets of handmade paper.

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Joseph Hecht - Pelote Basque - engraving - Euskal pilota - jeu de paume

Pelote Basque

HECHT, Joseph

Pure-line engraving on laid Monval paper, circa 1923-25. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 92. Edition of 35. Signed and numbered “1 = 35...

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Joseph Hecht - Vendange - Grape Harvest - nude - wine - pure line engraving


HECHT, Joseph

Vendange (Original French Title) Pure-line engraving on thin laid paper, 1925. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 115. From the only editi...

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Joseph Hecht - - Derniere Plaie - Last Plague - Biblical destruction - brick colored paper Sold
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Last Plague

HECHT, Joseph

La Dernière Plaie (Original French title) Pure-line engraving on brick-colored laid Monval paper. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 350....

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