Eugène BÉJOT

Eugène BÉJOT (French, 1867-1931) is a Parisian artist through and through.  While he did travel for inspiration and to promote his work, he lived in the French capital all of his life.  His etchings depict cities and the countryside with crisp and elegant lines.  Paris dominates in his oeuvre, but a diversity of locations, such as the south of France can be found.  Prints editioned by him, generally in multiples of circa 50, are very fine and have become quite scarce, despite his prolific career.
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Eugene Bejot - Notre-Dame de Paris de Nuit - At night - ephemera before letters - detail Sold
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BEJOT, Eugene

Aquatint printed in bluish-black ink on laid paper.Reference: BN-IFF 108. Unlikely edition of 50 in this state.  There were at least three states o...

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