Aquatint printed in bluish-black ink on laid paper.
Reference: BN-IFF 108. 
Unlikely edition of 50 in this state.  There were at least three states of this print. 

The blank space in the bottom right suggests this print was to be used as an ephemera, such as a menu or some kind of announcement.  This is, as the annotation states, an impression before letters.  What text may have been added and what this work’s intended purpose may have been, is unclear.  Extremely scarce.  We have never encountered another impression of this subject before.

Signed and annotated “T av let a 50 nº 20” in pencil (meaning “tirage avant la lettre à 50”, or transliterated in English “impression, one of 50, before text was added”).

9 7/8 x 7 5/8 inches