The Magpie


Margot La Critique or Une Pie (original French Title)

Etching on simili-japon paper.
References: Beraldi 113, likely between ii & iii, BN-IFF 39.

Our impression is very likely one that was taken from the plate around the time of the edition of this print for L’Artiste in 1858.  Only about 20 impressions were taken from the plate when it was first etched, in 1854.  In light of Bracquemond’s growing popularity, L’Artiste published this print.  Our impression already bears the full signature in the upper right plate corner (it was a monogram only in the early impressions).  However, our impression does not yet carry the letters from the publishers; and rather than printed on chine-collé, it is printed on a quality sheet of japon.  While our impression does not have the brilliance of the early impressions, such as the one in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, compared to the impression from the later edition, the light in ours is quite attractive and the lines can be “read” quite a bit better than they can be in the edition.

9 3/8 x 8 1/4 inches