The Alsace


L’Alsace… (original French title)

Aquatint printed in blue ink, with a touch of red in the cockade on simili-Japan paper, April 1916.

One of 8 impressions in the first state. It is unclear whether the artist actually reworked the plate in subsequent states. No edition has been located to date.

Alsace personified as a woman chained to a tree is being guarded by a German soldier whose outstretched arms under a cape make him look like a giant bat in the background. She is defiantly holding up the Cocarde de France (Cockade of France) in her outstretched hand, seemingly ready to charge the enemy. The commentary reads: "L’Alsace nous est plus attaché qu’à vous… (journaux allemands)" (Alsace is tied to us more than to you – German newspapers). That the artist managed to create such a fine work of art in the middle of war is a bit of a miracle.

Signed, annotated, and numbered in pencil.

7 3/4 x 6 5/8 inches