Returning from Fishing at Night


Retour de Pêche la Nuit (original French title)

Etching and aquatint on laid paper.

Reference: Morane 16.
Annotated as a fourth state. As Morane comments, this plate was reworked in many states, and it is impossible to identify the progression exactly. In the edition a fisherman is seen the foreground on the left. We suspect our state is prior to this addition. Then again, Delavallée was such a skilled etcher that he could also have removed this figure and re-etched the plate, though this seems quite a bit less likely.

Signed and annotated in pencil.

Slight discoloration in the margins where a mat used to be. A line of faint lighter spots in the top margins, away from the image, due to what must have been a line of glue marks. A brown line in the right margin, also away from the image. Overall in fine condition, with the etching having retained its brightness and luster.


4 3/4 x 7 3/4 inches