Mont St. Michel


Color mezzotint on thick wove paper.
Edition unknown, but very likely small.
Signed and titled in pencil.

Image: 6 x 8 ⅞ inches.

This lovely color mezzotint was almost certainly created by a British artist.  It bears a stamp which reads “produced in Great Britain” on the verso.  It also bears great resemblance to another composition, suspected to be by the same artist,  (click HERE to see further details on this second work).

It is particularly surprising how little information we were able to find about this artist.  The signature seems to read “L Unsworth” or “L Norsworthy”.  Yet only a couple of spotty auction records show up; neither of which identifies such an artist with authority.  The other mezzotint mentioned above, seems signed by “Paul Meredette.  We have researched this name, and variants thereof as well.  Nothing could be found under that name, or variants thereof.  Both this mezzotint, and the other mentioned are very likely by the same artist, despite discrepancies in the signature.  If they are not by the same hand, they were clearly created simultaneously, under the same auspices (same project, workshop…).  They are very close in size, both have a wide bevel surrounding the image, both use a pale full moon hanging over a low horizon…

Because we have been unable to confirm the existence of either artist name, these works are listed in our ANONYMOUS category.  Any insight would be welcome.
6 x 8 7/8 inches