Father and Son


Lithograph on wove paper.
Reference: Cole 10.
Edition of 250, published by Associated American Artists (A.A.A.)
Signed in pencil. 

This is a rare fine art print depicting the affection between an African-American father and his son.  It was created around the end of World War II.  While the war was often depicted in heroic ways, the loss of life led to many children growing up without fathers.  Many of the American troops fighting during the war, around 1.2 million, were African-American.  The military, like much of the United States, remained segregated at that time.  That such a subject of affectionate fatherhood between a black man and his son was depicted for publication for a well-known New York gallery is quite unusual.

In pristine condition.  Many impressions were framed in acidic mats and have toned the print.  This one perfect, and unrestored.

9 3/4 x 11 5/8 inches