Eve - Sulking by a Pond

circa 1895

Femme Nue Assise or Eve (descriptive French titles)

Color etching and aquatint printed from four plates on Arches wove paper.
We are presenting a group of 9 impressions of color decompositions, showing how the print was constructed.  Each impression stamped in purple ink with a description of its place in the printing process.

- impression of the final state, as it was intended to be editioned (it’s unclear that an edition was actually printed) 
- impression of the first plate, first of two “tone” plates, printed in pale flesh and hay tones - impression of the second plate, second of two “tone” plates, printed in warm pink and orange tones
- impression of the second plate, printed in black ink only 
- impression of the first plate, printed in black ink only 
- impression of the third plate, in three tones, printed in cold blue tones 
- impression of the same third plate, printed in black ink only 
- impression of the fourth plate, the marginal highlights, printed in tan ink 
- impression of the fourth plate, printed in black ink

A very rare glimpse into early fine art color intaglio.  Groups like these very rarely come up for sale.  Maurin, like his friend Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, had placed a lot of faith in the advent of color printmaking and even filed a patent for it.  One wonders whether this set would have been part of his presentation to the patent office…

Contact us if you wish to receive images for all 9 sheets.  Please note the image showing a variation on our composition, another nude woman leaning on her elbow, itself leaning on her knee, is shown here only as a reference.  It shows how Maurin would recycle successful compositional ideas.

10 1/4 x 8 inches