Bird of Prey Attacking a Pigeon in Flight


This work of art is presumably by someone active in France, though we have no proof of this, aside from the numbering “No” which is fairly typical in France.  Assuming the style is of its time, we think it was created in the 1920s or 1930s, by an artist named of Ch. SCHILLER.  Because we have been unable to confirm the existence of any artist by that name, this work is listed in our ANONYMOUS category.  Any insight is welcome.

Amendment to the comment above: we now believe this work to be by a "Ch. Schuller", who is likely none other than "Joseph Carl Paul Schuller" (1852-1920).  A poster by the french illustrator "Pal", of an exhibition at "La Bodiniere" from 1895, where Schuller apparently exhibited alongside another little-known artist named "E. Berton" attests to his activity in Paris.  He also seems to have contributed at least three compositions to an album published by Calavas in Paris in 1902, titled "Album de Decoration". 

Color woodcut on Japan paper.
Edition unknown, but probably small. 
Signed “Ch. Schiller” (seemingly) and numbered “No X” in pencil. 
Also monogrammed in the image. 

A few faint and unobtrusive fox marks.

8 1/8 x 9 inches