Along the Lake

Wijnand Otto Jan NIEUWENKAMP

Aan het Meer (original Dutch title)

Etching printed in brownish-black ink on laid paper.
Reference: Braches/Heijbroek and Hubert E107.  Second and final state. 
Edition unknown but certainly rather small, as is usually the case for the artist. 
Signed in pencil. 
A very fine impression in perfect condition with warm plate tone.
The margins are small, top and sides.
The etcher had a propensity to fill his plates with dense line work. Compositions in which contrast between dark and light dominate are his most successful. This contrast suits his images well. In this view of wind still lake, in which one can’t help but wonder what kind of sailing could be done, the contrast of light on the water and the delicacy of the outline of the sailboat shines against the thick lines of foliage and of the shoreline.

13 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches