Abstract #3


Color screenprint and lithograph in black ink on wove paper.
Reference: McIntyre and Kielsmeier p. 47.
Edition of 25.
Signed and numbered in pencil.
Very fine impression with fresh colors in pristine condition.
Image: 3 x 9 inches.

Beyond its beautiful modernist appeal, this print also has the merit of showing Fulwider’s inventiveness as a printmaker. In order to soften the black lines used to structure the color silkscreen composition laying below, he used lithography instead. Shading is obtained by using the fine grain of the lithographic stone, the edges of which are seen in the ink residue in the outer margins of the sheet, bottom and right side. It seems Fulwider did not mix serigraphy with lithography all that much in his printed oeuvre. He used either one, usually in color, or the other, usually in black only.

9 x inches