Victor Prouvé (1858-1943) is a multidisciplinary artist who only practiced printmaking, as an etcher and a lithographic poster designer, on occasion.  Born in Nancy, where he continued to be a prominent figure of the art scene, he lived in a number of places, including in Paris.  Born to a father who was a ceramics painter, Prouvé is known as an oil painter and a designer of a variety of applied arts: medals, glass, jewelry, book bindings…  He was also given some prominent commissions for murals in government buildings.  His esthetic, likely because of his activity in the applied arts of the 1890s and beyond, tended towards symbolism.

Birds of Prey Sold
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Birds of Prey

PROUVE, Victor

Oiseaux de Proie (original French title) Etching and aquatint printed in olive-green on Arches laid paper.Reference: Stein & Karshan 55.Edition...

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