Tōshi Yoshida (吉田 遠志)

Tōshi Yoshida (吉田 遠志) (1911-1995) was born in Tokyo, the eldest son of the shin-hanga landscape painter and printmaker Hiroshi Yoshida and his artist Mother, Fujio. Isolated at home by a childhood leg injury that kept him from attending school, his Grandmother, Rui Yoshida, encouraged him to draw the birds and animals he loved to watch. He was fully immersed in painting and printmaking from the earliest days of his life and deeply connected to his father's influence. They frequently traveled together as well; visiting India, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Calcutta, Burma and Antarctica. After his father died in 1950, Tōshi broke with family tradition and experimented with abstract art, a form his brother Hodak Yoshida had long practiced. In 1971, Yoshida returned to his early fascination with birds and animals. Until his death in 1994, Tōshi worked almost exclusively on animal prints and children's books, writing his own short stories, and creating artwork for the popular Animal Picture Book series. In 1980, he also opened a printmaking school in Nagano Prefecture. Previous students who became well-regarded printmakers include artists Karyn Young, Carol Jessen, Sarah Brayer, and Micah Schwaberow.
Toshi Yoshida - Nude Seated Figure - woodblock print - Sosaku Hanga - detail Sold
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Seated Figure


Woodblock print, color woodcut, printed on Japan wove paper. Edition unknown, but certainly small.  Toshi Yoshida first created prints in the Shin-...

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