Tavík František ŠIMON

Travel defines the life and work of Czech-born painter and printmaker Tavík František Šimon, whose most famous prints are city scenes of Paris, New York, and Prague in the early 20th century. While living in Paris from 1904 through 1914, Simon brought flower markets, bridges, cathedrals, and bookstalls to vivid life in charming, colorful aquatints. The artist crossed the globe in 1926-1927, sailing from Cherbourg to New York, traveling through the newly opened Panama Canal, sketching and writing through South America, Asia, and the Middle East as he made his way back to Europe. Šimon was a talented printmaker and a persuasive, eloquent writer, as his published letters from that voyage attest. He then returned to Prague in 1928 and became a Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. Although he died in 1941, interest in his prints has remained high, with retrospective shows and catalog raisonnes compiled in just the last twenty years.