Siemen Dijktra (born 1968) is one hundred percent from the Northern part of The Netherlands.  He does travel for pleasure, in particular to the island of Spitsbergen and other Scandinavian land, where he finds inspiration for his work.  Nevertheless, his Dutch flatland is the inspiration for most of his prints.  A skilled draftsman from a young age, his study of color woodcut reduction at the art school he attended in Groningen, revealed his true calling.  With as many as twenty colors superimposed, he composes landscapes, often starkly horizontal, where color and line come together.  His art is a witness to places he cherishes, as they change from season to season, from year to year, or simply from sunshine to rain.

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Looner Brook

Looner Brook


Looner Diep (original Dutch title) Color woodcut reduction printed on thin laid japon paper.Edition of 34.Plate 2 from the series "Aards Paradijs"....

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