Siegfried BERNDT

Siegfried Berndt (1880-1946) was a talented painter and printmaker who is often lost to art history. Like many European lives that spanned both world wars, many of the details of Berndt’s art and life are murky. What we do know is that after studying at Dresden Art Academy, he received an extensive travel scholarship that took him to Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, London and Scotland. These travels and their exposure to diverse artistic movements had a lasting impression on his work. Berndt was well-versed in Impressionism, Expressionism, and New Objectivity. An avid printmaker, the artist experimented with these artistic schools through the lens of traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking technique. This resulted in distinct personality of these color woodcuts and appeals to a great diversity of collectors.
Siegfried Berndt - Der Verschneiter Garten - The Snow Garden - 1909 - color woodcut Sold
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The Snowy Garden

BERNDT, Siegfried

Der Verschneiter Garten (descriptive German title)  Color woodcut printed on thin Japan laid paper. Edition unknown, but certainly small.  We were ...

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