Coming of age as an artist right at the onset of World War One, Pierre Guastalla (1891-1968), who was also an engineer, created his own art scene only after the end of the hostilities. With the likes of Joseph Hecht and Milly Possoz, he managed to bring back an interest in art, and prints in particular, at a time when Paris was still recovering. Inspired by cubism for his form, both the colors of his paintings, and the division of fields in his prints, are clearly inspired by Cézanne. Guastalla was a prolific printmaker, even though his work is rather scarce. His favorite technique seems to have been drypoint, but he also etched and handled the burin with dexterity. Landscapes dominate his oeuvre.

Nu de Face

Nu de Face


Printed on wove paper, 1932. Reference: BN-IFF 53. Edition circa 25. Signed with the monogram stamp (Lugt 3422).