Pierre-Georges JEANNIOT

After a career in the military, which was an inspiration in the early part of his artistic career, Pierre-Georges Jeanniot (1848-1934) exclusively turned his attention to making art around age 33.  A prolific painter, illustrator and printmaker, Jeanniot excelled at drawing.  While the colors in his paintings can be a bit garish, his sense of line is his strength.  His prints are technically masterful, and Jeanniot used etching, soft-ground, aquatint and drypoint with dexterity, at times mixing all techniques.  He also carved some amazing woodcuts, and made a number of lithographs.  His work is vast, with many illustrations, and to this day has not been properly studied or catalogued.  Jeanniot had a predilection for the elegant Parisian woman, but did create works with a wide variety of subjects.