Pierre Bonnard (1867-1943) developed a very personal style of painting as he progressed in his artistic career.  Early on, as a member of the group of painter-printmakers who called themselves The Nabis his work was influenced by his peers, as well as by Japanese arts.  Patterns and large areas of flat color alternate to create compositions that reduce space to a variety of planes.  Bonnard’s output as a printmaker is limited, but continued throughout his life.  High points are his early black and white lithographs, color lithograph for a handful of now famous posters in the early 1890s, and color lithographs which he mostly created for the famous Parisian dealer Ambroise Vollard.

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La Revue Blanche - color poster by Pierre Bonnard - affiche en couleurs Sold
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La Revue Blanche


References: Bouvet 30; Roger-Marx 32.Published by "La Revue Blanche", printed by Edward Ancourt.Printed in four colors.