Philippe LEJEUNE

Philippe Lejeune, born in 1951, and not to be confused with another painter by the same name (and active in the 20th century), is a French printmaker and painter living in Los Angeles today. He studied printmaking at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris. He then seems to have done an apprenticeship or been a printer with Blandine and Stephane Lalou, who are known to have etched and printed some color aquatints for the famous Belgian illustrator Jean-Michel Folon in the 1980s. Upon arriving in the United States Lejeune focused his painting and printmaking on American cities, New York mostly, but also seeking out other iconic buildings as inspiration. Today Lejeune mostly seems interested in painting on processed wood planks and in showing the physicality of his support to draw attention to its origin. While cerebral in its approach, these paintings are still representational like his earlier prints.