Philippe-Auguste CATTELAIN

Born in a family of simple means, in a France still politically very unsettled, Philippe-Auguste Cattelain (1838-1893) seems to have made a living both as a soldier and an artist.  While active in the printing world already by the tender age of 14, he enlisted in the French army for seven years, fought at a volunteer in the Franco-Prussian war, and was part of the Commune.  Throughout the rest of his life be seems to have worked as an illustrator, caricaturist and as a printmaker.  Henri Béraldi wrote up a touching biographical sketch of the artist in Les Graveurs du XIXe Siècle.

Portait of Henri Guerard Sold
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Portait of Henri Guerard

CATTELAIN, Philippe Auguste

Drypoint and roulette printed on laid paper.Reference: not in BN-IFF.Printed by Charles Delatre.Dedicated to Guerard in the plate.