Ossip Siniaver was born in 1899 Odessa, Ukraine (still part of Russia at the time). He seems to have started his artistic education somewhere before emigrating to Belgium in 1923. Siniaver never left Belgium, living in the Ixelles neighborhood of Brussels, where many artists resided in the early 20th century. He studied engineering at the Academy of Fine Arts Ghent, but it is unclear whether he practice the trade. He is today remembered for the grotesque humor in many of his paintings and drawings, even though he grew more lyrical and less acerbic with age, even painting landscapes on occasion. Some of his work is also imbued of certain folk and outsider art elements found in Slavic arts currents of the turn-of-the-century. Siniaver passed away in Brussels in 1975.

Ossip Siniaver - The Teal Scarf - Odessa Ukraine - Belgium - pastel - detail Sold
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The Teal Scarf


Pastel on laid paper. A fabulous rendition of a working man retracting his neck as deeply as he possibly can into his bright scarf. His hands are a...

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