Richard Ranft - Profil de Nuit - Night Profile - woman looking into distance landscape - detail Sold
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Night Profile

RANFT, Richard

Profil de Nuit (descriptive French title) Etching and aquatint printed in brownish-black ink on tan wove paper, n.d.Edition unknown, but likely ver...

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Princess Maleine Sold
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Princess Maleine

DE FEURE, Georges

Princesse Maleine (original French title) Lithograph printed on wove paper.Proof, aside from the numbered edition of 30.Composition based on the pl...

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George Timothy Tobin - Madonna - dedicated to Revere Whistehuff - 1938 - detail


TOBIN, George T

Drypoint or etching on Japan wove paper.Edition of 100.Signed and initialed, titled, editioned, dedicated “To Revere Whistehuff”, and dated “June 1...

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Eugene Bejot - Notre-Dame de Paris de Nuit - At night - ephemera before letters - detail


BEJOT, Eugene

Aquatint printed in bluish-black ink on laid paper.Reference: BN-IFF 108. Unlikely edition of 50 in this state.  There were at least three states o...

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Henri Guerard - Salomon - mezzotint - detail



Mezzotint with touches of drypoint printed in brownish-black ink on laid paper.Reference: Bertin 51.|Very likely the second state of two, with lett...

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Henri Martin - Indecision - Peintres Lithographes - remarque au houx - holly - detail



Indécision (original French title) Lithograph on simili-japon paper.Published by the Société des Peintres-Lithographes, for one of their albums.A d...

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Reynold Weidenaar - Reverie - mezzoting - nude women looks like a pepper - detail



Mezzotint printed in black ink on laid paper.Edition of 250.  Rather scarce today.Published by Associated American Artists, New York.Signed and tit...

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Martin Lewis - Corner Shadows - black and white intaglio - people on the street at night Sold
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Corner Shadows

LEWIS, Martin

Drypoint & sand-ground on laid paper. Ref: McCarron 83. Edition of 242. Published by the Print Club of Cleveland. Signed in pencil. Pristine co...

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Auguste Brouet - Dans la Baraque - In the Barracks - World War One - Grande Guerre - Les Poilus - detail Sold
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In the Barracks

BROUET, Auguste

Dans la Baraque (original French title) Etching on japon volant laid paper.References: Boutitie 138; BN-IFF 8.2.One of 15 artist’s proofs (erroneou...

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James Swann - Night in Chicago - Chicago Society of Etchers - North Lake Shore Drive - Beacon atop Drake Hotel Sold
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Night in Chicago

SWANN, James

James SWANN (1905-1985) Night in Chicago Drypoint on wove paper.Reference: Czestochowski 105.Published by Chicago Society of Etchers (with their bl...

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Charles Turzak - Methodist Temple Chicago - woodcut - industry religion clashing - detail

Methodist Temple, Chicago

TURZAK, Charles

Woodcut printed in black ink on thin laid Japanese paper, circa 1929-31.Reference: Turzak 22.Edition of 50.Signed, titled and numbered in pencil.

Charles Turzak - Adler Planetarium Chicago - Museum Campus - Northerly Island - Meiggs Field - detail

Adler Planetarium Chicago

TURZAK, Charles

Woodcut printed in black ink on thin laid Japanese paper.Reference: Turzak 22.Edition of circa 50 or less.Signed and titled in pencil.

Henry Ziegler - Night Flight - aquatint burnisher mezzotint effect - early aviation Sold
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Night Flight


Aquatint, burnisher and drypoint on wove paper, c. 1925.Artist’s proof, aside from an unknown edition; if one was actually printed, which is doubtf...

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LEstampe Originale Felix Braquemond

The Gallic Rooster


Vive le Tsar or Le Coq de France (original French titles) Etching on thick laid paper.References: Delteil 11; BN-IFF 445; Stein & Karshan 11.Ra...

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Sir Alfred East - Rising Moon - New Year's Wishes 1903 - etching roulette Sold
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Rising Moon

EAST, Sir Alfred

Etching and mezzotint (or roulette), with scraper, printed on japon paper.Signed and dedicated “To Monsieur et Madame Gabrielle Mouret – With best ...

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