The Nabis

This collection of works, is dedicated to Les Nabis.  Prints, as well as the odd drawing we have in stock, or have had over the years, by artists of the famous group, are listed here.  The core of the Nabis met at the Académie Julian.  The group was officially founded by Maurice Denis, and named after the Hebrew word for prophet, nebiim (also the second main division of the Tanakh), the Nabis was formed by a tight core group, as well as a number of sympathizers.  Maurice Denis, Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Paul Sérusier, and Ker-Xavier Roussel, were all part of a group which was closely knit from about 1890 to about 1900.  Additional artists, who gravitated towards the group included, Paul-Elie Ranson, Marc Mouclier, Félix Vallotton, René-Georges Hermann-Paul, Henri-Gabriel Ibels…  While some of these artists shared philosophical considerations with Nabis concepts, others mostly picked up on esthetic elements, such as the use of patterns, or cloisonné in their paintings and prints.
color lithograph by Pierre Bonnard titled Rue Vue d'En Haut from the series Quelques Aspects de la Vie de Paris Sold
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Street from Above


Rue Vue d'En Haut (original French title) References: Roger-Marx 60; Bouvet 62.Edition of 100.Published by Ambroise Vollard, for the series "Quelqu...

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Pierre Bonnard - Conversation - Bouvet 28 - Roger-Marx 28 - lithograph - Edouard Kleinmann - detail



Lithograph printed in bistre-black on smooth wove paper.References: Roger-Marx 28; Bouvet 28.Edition of 100.Published by Edouard Kleinmann, Paris....

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