Maurice CHABAS

Maurice Chabas (1862-1947) was a very active symbolist painter.  From the late 19th century through the early 1920s his work is in high demand.  He takes on commissions, both private and public, while also painting and drawing relentlessly for himself.  Bright colors and an animated line are the building blocks of his style, while water and women tend to be his main source of inspiration.  While he seems to have lived in various places, including for long periods in Belgium, the Parisian art scene, seems nonetheless to have been his artistic biotope.  However, later in life, tending towards the religious and mysthical, and towards and increasing abstraction in his art, Chabas secluded himself from this community and lived quietly.

The Harvest

The Harvest

CHABAS, Maurice

La Récolte (descriptive French title) Ink and gouache on thin tan paper.Signed in ink in the image.Framed