"SICA's works express themes revealed in her observation of different cultures, both ancient and contemporary. "  -  Artist statement.
Marilyn Sica Thompson (b. 1932), typically referred to as SICA, began her artistic career at The Art Students League in New York City and later at the Pratt Graphics Workshop. Known for her inventive, unconventional approach and materials in painting and printmaking, she explores spiritual and symbolic themes. After her formal training, SICA traveled extensively through England, Spain, and the country formerly known as Yugoslavia, apprenticed to master artists in both Saigon and Athens, and immersed herself in a deeply personal examination of culture on a global scale. Her work was recognized early for its unique vision and execution, and she has exhibited extensively ever since.
SICA's works are held in several important collections; Le Musée Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, The Los Angeles Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, The Miami Museum of Fine Arts, and in numerous art institutions and private collections.
Very much a working artist to this day, SICA remains involved in every aspect of creating her prints and constructions from the inception to the finished piece.