Because his father died when Jules de Bruycker (1870-1945) was still relatively young, the career of the artist got going slowly; and once it was up and running, it was interrupted by the First World War.  A painter, draftsman and etcher, de Bruycker had a group of artist friends, but very much followed his own path.  Because drawing was his first love in the arts, de Bruycker took to etching easily.  Subject, which tend to be brooding, go from whimsical portraits and urban inventions, to depictions of street life and cathedrals.  De Bruycker seems to have printed his own plates, even the largest ones, which he liked “inky” and atmospheric.

The Antwerp Cathedral

The Antwerp Cathedral


La Cathedrale d'Anvers (original French title) Etching on japon nacré paper. Reference: Le Roy 163. Second state of two. Editon unknown, likely cir...

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