Jules Chéret (1836-1932) is the most important man in the world of original posters.  Trained as a lithographic technician at an early age, he perfected his personal drawing skills along the way.  By the time his artistic training was completed, and after spending six years in London, Chéret set up his own lithographic shop.  For decades he drew posters, hundreds of them, all the while running his business.  In 1881 he sold the shop, which was renamed Chaix and remained artistic director for many years.  Known for his colorful depictions of parties and elegant women, the posters and other lithographs Chéret created, translate the joie de vivre of fin-de-siècle France.  While he was hardly the first artist to create posters, he is unequivocally the man who made poster art popular and helped turn the craft into an art.