Jules-Auguste HABERT-DYS

Jules-Auguste Habert-Dys (1850-1930) came from very humble beginnings and made his way into the world of decorative arts by learning trades in ceramic manufactories.  While he is today forgotten by most, recent rediscovery of his work has propelled his creations to stratospheric valuations.  He is mostly remembered for designing silverware and small cabinetry.  However, Habert-Dys also drew amazing Art Nouveau designs, both for ceramic creations and for illustration, at a time when Art Nouveau hadn’t even really been named.  By the mid-1880’s the influence of Japanese arts had already pushed him to synthesize an esthetic which a few years later would take Europe by storm.  Habert-Dys can be regarded as one of the fathers of Art Nouveau.  His drawings and use of color are extremely fine and his sense of beauty arresting.

Desert Plate #5

Desert Plate #5

HABERT-DYS, Jules-Auguste

Assiette à Dessert n° 5 (descriptive French title)Preparatory drawing for a ceramic service presented at the Exposition in 1890.  Produced by Pilli...

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