Jules Andre SMITH

Jules Andre Smith (1880–1959) started his life abroad, as the son of a shipbuilder, who died when Smith was just 7 years old.  Back in the States, Smith studied and practiced architecture, after spending some more formative years in Europe.  The many sketches Smith made during his time in Europe became the basis of many of his etchings, which he started to make around 1900-1905.  He first worked in a picturesque style reminiscent of etching revivalists of the 1860s and of Whistler’s etchings.  His style evolved as time progressed and he started to draw his etching faster.  He then used vigorous and clean lines.  During World War I Smith trained as an officer and was eventually enlisted to document the war as an artist.  Upon his return to civilian life he continued to practice architecture, but retired in 1924 due to a number of setbacks in his health.  He found his way to Florida, where he eventually founded an artist colony named the Maitland Research Studio.  It still exists today under the name of Maitland Art Studio).