Joseph APOUX

Joseph APOUX (1846-1910) was born in the center of France, but seems to have spent his adult life in Paris.  It’s unclear under what circumstances brought him to the capital, and how much training he received as an artist.  He is known to have studied with Jean-Léon Gérôme and to have exhibited paintings at the official salon as of 1880.  But today Apoux is remembered for black and white illustrations.  In 1886 he exhibited at the Exposition Internationale du Blanc et Noir.  Apoux was a fine etcher, who specialized in erotica.  He tended to create sets, rather than isolated compositions.  These themed series, such as Danseuses, Sorcières or Zodiaque, often came in sets of 6 prints.  He also illustrated an openly sexual alphabet.  Many of his compositions however are charming.  Female nudes are not overly sexualized, but rather slightly humorous and suggestive of what promise their nudity holds.

Joseph Apoux - L. Joly - Six Caprices Frontispiece - nude - Etching - detail

Six Etched Whims

APOUX, Joseph

Six Caprices à l’Eau-Forte (original French title) Seven etchings on laid paper, housed inside a greenish-gray portfolio.Complete set of 6 etchings...

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