Before endlessly painting women’s hips in hyper-realistic detail, John Kacere explored a variety of artistic expressions.  He is known today mostly for his oils depicting women’s underway, seen from the front and the back, and nearly always cut off below the belly and above the knee.  These impersonal icons of sexual desire are apparently still in high demand, selling tens of thousands of dollars.  But prior to developing this obsession, or before responding to a certain market demand, Kacere developed an impeccable drawing technique.  Early etchings and drawings show a keen sense for elegant lines.  He then distanced himself from these early works by veering into abstract expressionism, which cannot be said to have been a successful direction for him; and he abandoned this esthetic around age 40.  While the photorealism of the 1960s and beyond dominates his posterity, a closer look at the scarce early etchings and drawings is certainly in order.

John Kacere - Portrait of Joan - Studio Print - etching - profile sketch - detail Sold
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Portrait of Joan


Etching printed in black in with warm plate tone on wove paper, 1948. Edition unknown, but certainly small, if any was printed at all.  This one a ...

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