"I feel compelled to create symbols of my inner state of mind; and, as my photographs do show evidence in the exploration of beauty, they are also riddled with shadows of other things." - John H. Schulze. (1915-1990)

Originally trained as a painter, Nebraskan-born photographer John H. Schulze structures erotic tension into his figurative photographs by bringing fine textures into descriptive clarity against evocative black dissolves. Widely respected as a teacher and mentor, he taught for thirty-six years at the University of Iowa's School of Art/Art History Department. Schulze's influence helped turn the tide of photography as a descriptive adjunct of journalism, elevating photography into a fine art practice ranking among painting, drawing, and sculpture. He was a founding member of the Society for Photographic Education.

John H. SCHULZE - Contemplation of an Unfinished Dream - Silver-gelatin print detail

408 Brooklyn Place


Silver-gelatin print, no date.  Edition unknown. Signed and titled in pencil on the verso.  Also annotated “Bordello Series”. Sheet size: 14 x 11 i...

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