Jean PUY

Born in 1876 in Roanne, the young and talented Jean Puy was destined to exhibit in one of the most exciting Salons of the Belle Époque Paris art world.
In 1899, Puy's studies brought him to the Art Academy founded by Eugène Carrière in Paris. It was here he first met Henri Matisse. Six years later, he would exhibit at the Salon d'Automne of 1905, along with Matisse, André Derain, Albert Marquet, Maurice de Vlaminck and Kees van Dongen. This popular exhibition would mark the official beginning of the Fauvist movement as the critic Louis Vauxcelles publicly derided the painters as "Fauves" (wild beasts). Christened with this notoriety, the bold and modern Fauves would powerfully shape and influence the art world. While known for his use of color and striking compositions, Puy was also a finely trained draughtsman.
After years of success in Paris, his long career came to a peaceful end in his hometown city of Roanne, where he passed in 1960.
Jean PUY - Femme Endormie - Sleeping Woman - Ink wash drawing - detail Sold
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Sleeping Woman

PUY, Jean

Femme Endormie (descriptive French title) Ink brush drawing on dark-gray laid paper.  Signed in ink in the image.  A magnificent sketch, drawn by b...

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