Jean-François RAFFAELLI

Jean-François Raffaëlli (1850-1924) came of age in the era of the impressionists, of which he is regarded to be a member.  Many of them, Cassatte, Pissarro, Dagas were personal friends; though he did have a falling out with the latter.  A consummate painter, Raffaëlli also took up etching early in his career, and by the early 1890s, when color printmaking came into vogue, he truly found his voice.  It seems his etchings, which mostly depict Paris and its environs, generally in picturesque fashion, were a way to supplement his income and popularize his brand.  His oil paintings were highly regarded and expensive.  His color etchings, which are often large and painterly, were published generally in editions of 100 or 200, and were affordable to a wider public.

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Jean-Francois Raffaelli - Le Remouleur - detail - original color etching

The Knive-Grinder

RAFFAELLI, Jean-Francois

Jean-François RAFFAËLLI (1850-1924) Le Remouleur (original French title) Color etching, aquatint and drypoint printed on simili-japon paper.Ref: De...

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Jean-François Raffaelli Au Saut du Lit ,Etching printed in five colors on simili-Japon paper, 1898.

First Thing in the Morning

RAFFAELLI, Jean-Francois

Au Saut du Lit (original French title) Etching printed in five colors on simili-Japon paper.Reference : Delteil 48. Edition of 60, but very scarce....

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Jean François RAFFAELLI -  The Grandfather - Le Grand Père -Etching, detail, 1895

The Grandfather

RAFFAELLI, Jean-Francois

Le Grand Père (original French title) Etching printed in three colors on simili-Japon paper.Reference : Delteil 22. Edition of 100, according to De...

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Jean François RAFFAELLI- Factories in the Snow -  Les Usines sous la Neige - detail, 1909

Factories in the Snow

RAFFAELLI, Jean-Francois

Les Usines sous la Neige  (original French title) Color drypoint and aquatint on simili-japon paper.Reference: Delteil 89.  Second state of two.  E...

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