Steeped in language, and a trained and practicing French teacher, Bautista clearly relishes telling a good story.  The small scale of her linocuts and aquatints can seem deceptively simple.  Yet, what makes her visual storytelling so expansive is her ability to suggest the world beyond the compositions edge.  

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Helene Habbot Bautista - Belvedere - aquatint - women bowler hat balcony


Bautista, Helene

Etching and aquatint, detailed with diamond point, printed in bluish-black ink on Reina wove paper.Edition of 30. Want to see more work by Hélène...

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Helene_Bautista_-_Dans_les_Nuages_-_In_the_Clouds - color linocut - cable car gondola Sold
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In the Clouds

Bautista, Helene

Dans les Nuages (original French title) Color linocut printed on wove paper. Want to see more work by Hélène Bautista?Visit our website dedicated ...

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