Gustave MARIE

Known to have been active mostly as a poster designer at the end of the 19th century, Gustave Marie seems to be one of those artists whose name has fallen through the cracks of time.  It certainly didn’t help the artist to have had a last name (Marie) which is also used as a first name.  And both his family name and his first name were and very commonly used in the late 19th century in France.  Imagine googling information about Peter Paul or Mary Elizabeth?  And yet, Marie designed posters for the famous Parisian Eldorado theater, and this for no less than Laurent Tailhade, a poet of great renown at the time.  He also drew a double poster for the very influential print and poster dealer Edmond Sagot.  And aside from a handful more posters, he was known to be an illustrator, whose drawings showed humor and a great sense of composition.  One day the biography of Gustave Marie will be filled in.  For now, he remains an unknown master, identified generally only by his initials GM.

Gustave Marie - Les Manifestants - pen and ink drawing - detail Sold
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The Protesters

MARIE, Gustave

Les Manifestants (original French title) Ink and pencil on thick wove paper.A preparatory drawing (numbered “23”in blue crayon) for an unidentified...

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