Frans Everbag (1877-1947) was a prolific printmaker and painter.  Much of his work can be found in collections, private and public, for sale with art dealers and at auction.  Yet preciously little is known about him.  He lived and worked in Amsterdam for most of his life.  This is clear from the many city views he created, depicting the Dutch capital’s canals, stepped-gable homes, or barges.  He also must have been somewhat of a reculse.  Aside from cityscapes, his preferred subjects were still lives: flowers, plants, vases, birds and small animals.  He seems to have lived from his art through regular exhibitions.  Yet, to this day, little more is known about him.

Everbag was a particularly meticulous draftsman and his prints are very finely composed.  His sinuous lines are elegant, and his colors are generally muted.  He liked using aquatint to color his works and did so with very fine grains, which lend these compositions a quality akin to watercolor.  Considering his prolific career, the broad appeal of his subjects and the quality of his work, we are surprised to see that no one yet has attempted to compile a catalogue of his prints.

Frans Everbag - Potted Purple Petunias - color etching aquatint - detail

Potted Purple Petunias


Color aquatint and etching on laid paper, no date. Edition of 50.Signed and numbered