Eugen Kirchner was a painter, illustrator and printmaker.  Very little is known about this artist, but it is clear from the work he left behind, and the dates one can find on them that he was active throughout his life.  While he left behind relatively little painted work, the number of drawings is vast.  Kirchner clearly made much of his income from drawings made for illustrational purposes.  While much of his early work is drawn in black and white, drawings from the 1920s and beyond are in color.  This most certainly reflects the evolution from magazines being printed monochromatically early in the 20th century, later being printed in color.  (February 20, 1865, Halle, Germany - March 8, 1938, Munich, München)
Eugen Kirchner - November - city scene - intaglio Sold
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Aquatint and etching on thick wove paper. Published by “Pan”. This impression without the letters. Likely an impression for a deluxe edition. The ...

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