Yannick Ballif - Papagaio - Parrot bright colored macaw - fly into window - real leaves - detail Sold
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BALLIF, Yannick

Papagaio (original Brazilian Portuguese title)Embossed color aquatint and drypoint on wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge, as usual.Trial proof; e...

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Portait of Henri Guerard Sold
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Portait of Henri Guerard

CATTELAIN, Philippe Auguste

Drypoint and roulette printed on laid paper.Reference: not in BN-IFF.Printed by Charles Delatre.Dedicated to Guerard in the plate.

Emile Dezaunay - La Messe en Bretagne - Bretton coiffe - color intaglio - detail

Mass in Brittany

DEZAUNAY, Emile-Alfred

La Messe en Bretagne (descriptive French title) Aquatint, etching, roulette & drypoint printed in color on Arches laid paper, circa 1900.Refere...

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Louis Legrand - La Petite Classe - La Gosse - intaglio - young ballerina entering a room

La Gosse


Aquatint and drypoint on simili-Japan paper. Refs: Exsteens 248; Arwas 359.  Edition of 100. From the album, “Le Petite Classe”.  Numbered “25/100...

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Martin Lewis - Corner Shadows - black and white intaglio - people on the street at night

Corner Shadows

LEWIS, Martin

Drypoint & sand-ground on laid paper. Ref: McCarron 83. Edition of 242. Published by the Print Club of Cleveland. Signed in pencil. Pristine co...

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Gerald Geerlings - Cathedrale Naturelle - Natural Catherdral - drypoint Czestochowski 10

Natural Cathedral


Cathédrale Naturelle (original French title)Drypoint printed on wove paper, 1929.Reference: Czestochowski 10.Total edition of 37.Annotated in the p...

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Yannick Ballif - Mato - Color intaglio - embossed - 1980 - detail Sold
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BALLIF, Yannick

Mato (original Brazilian Portuguese title) Embossed color aquatint and drypoint on wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge, as usual.One of ten artist...

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James Swann - Night in Chicago - Chicago Society of Etchers - North Lake Shore Drive - Beacon atop Drake Hotel Sold
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Night in Chicago

SWANN, James

James SWANN (1905-1985) Night in Chicago Drypoint on wove paper.Reference: Czestochowski 105.Published by Chicago Society of Etchers (with their bl...

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James Tissot - En Plein Soleil - Bon a Tirer impression_detail

In the Sunlight


James Jacques TISSOT (1836-1902) En Plein Soleil (original French title) Etching and drypoint printed on laid paper.Reference: Wentworth 54.“Bon à ...

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James Jacques Tissot - Le Croquet - regular edition etching - toy dog foreground_detail

The Croquet


Le Croquet (original French title) Etching and drypoint printed on laid Van Gelder paper.Reference: Wentworth 37.Impression of the published state....

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Yannick Ballif - Luz do Dia - Daylight - embossed print - color aquatint - drypoint - room with a view - window - detail


BALLIF, Yannick

Luz Do Dia (original Portugese title) Embossed color aquatint and drypoint on wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge, as usual.Edition of 70.Publishe...

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Yannick Ballif - Enez Bihan - Petite Ile - Small Island - Archipel Ebiens Hebiens - Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer - Bretagne - Cotes-d'Armor

Enez Bihan

BALLIF, Yannick

Color aquatint, spitbite (?) and drypoint on wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge, as usual.Edition of 70.Published by Galerie Antarès, Paris, with...

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Livio Ceschin - Sul Piave - etching drypoint - Treviso Venice Veneto Alps Adriatic

By the Piave River


Sul Piave (original Italian title) Etching and drypoint on wove paper.Want to see more work by Livio Ceschin?Visit our website dedicated to contem...

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Jacques Villon - Marcel Duchamp - Le Chef d'Oeuvre - Masterpiece - Mother holding daughter drawing - Belle Epoque Sold
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The Masterpiece

VILLON, Jacques

Le Chef d’Oeuvre (original French title) Drypoint, aquatint and roulette printed in four colors, à la poupée (yet from two registered plates) on wo...

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James Jacques Tissot - Portait of Miss L - Drypoint - original print for sale - oil painting after - detail Sold
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Portrait of Miss L


Also titled: A Door Must Be Either Open or Shut Portrait de Miss L or  Il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée (original French titles) Drypoin...

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Joseph Hecht - Tigres et Biches -  Tigers and Deer - drypoint engraving

Tigers and Deer

HECHT, Joseph

Tigres et Biches (Original French title) Pure-line engraving on wove Arches paper.Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 118. Edition of 36. ...

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Joseph Hecht - Le Peintre - The Painter - drypoint - detail

The Painter

HECHT, Joseph

Le Peintre I (original French title) Drypoint on Montval Hecht laid paper.Ref: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 87.Edition of 35, according to TR-P...

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Edgar Chahine drypoint - Armenian - Armenien - L'italienne - Portrait de Madame Sold
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The Italian Woman


Edgar CHAHINE (1874-1947) L’Italienne or Portrait de Madame B. (original French titles) Drypoint and direct bite on Arches laid paper.Reference: Ta...

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