Carl E. Pickhardt (1908-2004) was born in what seems to have been an affluent Massachusetts family and graduated from Harvard University in 1931, having studied art under Harold K. Zimmerman.  While he apparently lived in New York City briefly, he quickly returned to the Boston area.  He must have lived and did work in the Worcester area, teaching at the Worcester Museum School and the Fitchburg Art Museum, amongst other institutions.
As an artist starting his career in the depression era, Pickhardt focused his attention on matters relating to harsher social realities he observed in public life.  The impetus of most compositions, however, seems to be human form.  People are depicted in all manner of activities and dressed in all sorts of ways.  Pickhardt seems to have relished drawing human form in all its shapes.  A large cache of work resides with The Smithsonian, but paintings, drawings, and prints (mostly lithographs) surface on the market from time to time.

Carl E Pickhardt - Nude - lithograph - nude woman torso - detail

Standing Nude


Lithograph on Basingwerk Parchment paper.Edition unknown, but certainly not large.Signed and titled in pencil.