Black & White

There is a misconception about works of art composed in so called "black and white".  It seems to some that this lack of color is somehow less desirable.  Yet artists throughout history have used single colors to focus on composition or on gradations from light to dark.  Without the distraction of color, these creative building blocks become more prevalent.  In this section, we challenge the viewer to focus on "monochromatic" (single-colored) compositions.  Chances are that by the time you have looked at a few works, your mind will hone in on details you don't usually notice, and that you may even start to "see" colors that aren't actually there.
Shokin Sold
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BALLIF, Yannick

Embossed intaglio printed in black and beige on Arches wove paper.Printed to the sheet edge on all sides, as issued.Edition of 70.Signed and number...

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Allen Lewis - Willow and Deer in the Mist - intaglio

Willow and Deer in the Mist

LEWIS, Allen

Drypoint and etching on laid paper. One of only two impressions in the second state of (?). Signed and annotated “2e St. 2/2”.

Gabriel Belot - L'Ile Saint Louis - woodcut - gravure sur bois Sold
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The Sandbox

BELOT, Gabriel

Gabriel Belot (1882 - 1962) L’Ile Saint-Louis or Le Bac à Sable (original French titles) Woodcut on thin japon paper, hinged to a support sheet.Pos...

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Ella Fillmore Lillie - View of La Boca Panama - Lithograph - monkey by window Sold
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View of La Boca - Panama


Lithograph on wove paper.Edition unknown, but probably circa 50.Signed and titled in pencil.The slightest discoloration inside a prior mat window.

Ella Fillmore Lillie - Mitla Memento - Hacienda - water well - cat - detail

Mitla Memento


Ella FILLMORE LILLIE (1884-1972) Mitla Memento Lithograph on wove paper, n.d. Edition of 50. Signed and titled in pencil. Bearing “The Shealing – D...

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Jukka Vanttinen - Last Time - mezzotint

Last Time


Sista Tiden (original Swedish title) Mezzotint printed in bluish-black ink on wove paper, 2011.Edition of 100.Signed, titled in English, dated and...

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Martin Lewis - Rain on Murray Hill - greenish black ink - McCarron 75 - rainy New York - detail

Rain on Murray Hill

LEWIS, Martin

Drypoint printed in greenish black ink on wove.Reference: McCarron 75.Edition is of 100.One of only a few impressions printed in greenish-black ink...

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James Jacques Tissot - Le Croquet - regular edition etching - toy dog foreground_detail

The Croquet


Le Croquet (original French title) Etching and drypoint printed on laid Van Gelder paper.Reference: Wentworth 37.Impression of the published state....

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James Tissot - En Plein Soleil - Bon a Tirer impression_detail

In the Sunlight


James Jacques TISSOT (1836-1902) En Plein Soleil (original French title) Etching and drypoint printed on laid paper.Reference: Wentworth 54.“Bon à ...

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Ethel Gabain - The West Wind - lithograph of a woman sitting on a stone wall outside - detail

The West Wind


Lithograph on thin laid paper.Reference: Wright 152.Edition of 36. Scarce.Signed in pencil.

Will Barnet - Porch - Waiting - woodcut on Japanese paper - 1937 - detail

Porch - Waiting


Woodcut on Japanese paper.Reference: Cole 50.One of 15 impressions printed in 1937 by the artist.  An edition of 60, plus 18 proofs was published b...

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Auguste Lepere - Chemin Creux a Vaureal - etching - detail

Path Hollow in Vaureal

LEPERE, Auguste

Chemin Creux a Vauréal, pres de Jouy-le-Moutier (original French title)  Etching on laid Arches paper, 1893. Reference: Lotz-Brissonneau 67. Editio...

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Gerald Geerlings - Cathedrale Naturelle - Natural Catherdral - drypoint Czestochowski 10

Natural Cathedral


Cathédrale Naturelle (original French title)Drypoint printed on wove paper, 1929.Reference: Czestochowski 10.Total edition of 37.Annotated in the p...

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Prentiss Taylor - Flooded Quarry - original lithograph of male nude wading into rain water - telegraph pole Sold
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Flooded Quarry

TAYLOR, Prentiss

Prentiss TAYLOR (1907-1991) Flooded Quarry Lithograph on wove paper.Reference: Rose 41.Edition of 25.Signed, titled, dated and editioned in pencil.

Prentiss Taylor - Swinging Torso - lithograph - nude ochre male against simple background

Swinging Torso

TAYLOR, Prentiss

Lithograph on cream wove paper printed in sepia ink. Reference: Quiroz 31. Edition of 20. Titled, numbered, signed and dated in pencil. Very fine i...

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Prentiss Taylor - Louisburg Square - lithograph - city scape w statue row houses - boston

Louisburg Square

TAYLOR, Prentiss

Lithograph on Rives wove paper. Reference: Rose & Quiroz 27. Edition of 20. Titled, editioned, signed and dated “April 1933” in pencil. Very fi...

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Lillian Hall - Old Eli - Linocut - back of old man at farm property

Old Eli

HALL, Lillian

Linocut on thin Japan wove paper.From a small edition of less than 20. Titled and signed “L. Hall” in pencil. Very fine impression excellent condit...

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