Atelier 17

Prints created by artists who spent some of their formative time at Stanley William Hayter's famed Atelier 17 studio, whether in Paris or in New York.
Kaiko Moti - Aiglon - Eaglet - eagle chick - aigle - color viscosity - atelier 17 - simultaneous color printing - detail Sold
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The Eaglet

MOTI, Kaiko

L’Aiglon (original French title) Simultaneous color printing aquatint on Arches wove paper, n.d.Edition of 120.Signed and numbered in pencil.

Terry Haass - Oiseau Fleur - color aquatint viscosity print - flower bird Sold
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Flower Bird

HAASS, Terry

Oiseau Fleur (original French title) Color aquatint and etching on thick wove paper.This is likely a simultaneous color print (color viscosity prin...

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Joseph Hecht - Ice Floe -Banquise (original French title)  Paris, 1933, Atelier 17. Engraving on laid Monval verdâtre paper.

Ice Floe

HECHT, Joseph

Banquise (original French title) Engraving on laid Monval verdâtre paper.Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 155. Erroneously presumed to b...

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Joseph Hecht - Animaux Divers - Miscellaneous Animals - Engraving, 1929, Atelier 17, Paris.

Miscellaneous Animals

HECHT, Joseph

Animaux Divers (original French title) Engraving on Monval verdâtre paper.Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 205. Edition of 100.  From th...

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