Alphonse LAFITTE

A pseudonym of artist Manuel Robbe, “Alphonse Lafitte” was the name Robbe used when signing more idyllic works later in his life. Most of the works attributed to Lafitte are seascapes and the coastal area of French Brittany. It is hypothesized that he used this pseudonym to separate these landscapes from Robbe’s reputation of creating portraits. Historically known for his lack of self-promotion, Robbe/Lafitte’s legacy is more muted than one would expect from such an obvious artistic talent. See “Manuel Robbe” artist page for more information.  
Alphonse Lafitte - Manuel Robbe - Clair de Lune- aquatint Sold
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Clair de Lune

LAFITTE, Alphonse

Aquatint on wove MBM paper. Signed in black crayon "Alphonse Lafitte", a well-documented pseudonym for artist Manuel Robbe. Signed in black crayon....

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